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3D Modelling with UAV

One of the major applications of UAV is the mapping and surveying of land and buildings. Using a process known as Photogrammetry our UAV take a series of overlapping photos which when processed, can be made into a highly accurate 3D model.

We were recently asked by, Cinesite Studios, to create a 3D model of over 150 hectares of Dinorwig Quarry.

The model will be used in an upcoming feature film due to for release in 2018.

Our UAV carried out over 120 flights and captured 6000+ photographs to create the model, part of which can be seen in this virtual fly-through.

The site presented many challenges due to the constant change in ground level. For accuracy its important to maintain a constant altitude above ground level therefor all our flight paths had to take this into account.

For more information about our mapping services contact us now.

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