We take a different view on things, a birds eye view!


OffTheGround was established in 2015 by multi award winning camera operator Roger Richards, his son Adam and business partner Gareth Lynch to provide professional aerial film and photography for the TV & Film industry.


Since our humble beginnings the technology and the number of industries using it has evolved rapidly and we've evolved with it to offer a number of specialist aerial services.

Based in Anglesey, North Wales we are blessed with a dramatic range of landscapes and boast some of the UK's most picturesque locations. From the forests and mountain ranges of Snowdonia to the rugged coastal cliffs and waters of Anglesey, we have it all!


Our team combine over 40 years experience in the TV and Film industry, as well as experience in audio production and event management. We are all extremely passionate about what we do and believe that every detail counts.



Co-Founder / Pilot / Editor / Music Production



Co-Founder / Camera Operator /  / Technician

Co-Founder / Camera Operator / Editor


The DJI S1000, also known as 'The Flying Spider" because of its eight motors, is our flagship and biggest drone. It carries a Panasonic Lumix GH4/GH3 DSLR that can take photos in 16 Megapixels or film in 4K.


This S1000 has a flight time of around 10 minutes and is used for our bigger projects such as tv/broadcast, surveying and planning.  


It takes two people to fly; one to pilot and one to control the camera. A live feed is transmitted from the drone to a monitor on the ground which gives instant feedback.



The DJI Inspire with its edgy looks has the ability to film in 4K or HD and has a flight time of around 10 minutes.  It can be used in most applications and has a direct HD link to our ground station and to outside broadcast receivers for live video screening.


Our Inspire is dual controlled; meaning one person pilots and the other controls the camera for best results.


The DJI F550 is our smallest drone.  It carries a GoPro Hero 4 and can film and take photographs in stunning 4K. For a small drone the six motors provide amazing stability when twinned with the 3 axis gimbal in which the GoPro sits.


 We have around 8 minutes of flight time per battery. This drone is perfect for our smaller projects where space is an issue.  


The DJI F550 is controlled by one person.  A live feed is transmitted from the drone to a monitor on the ground which gives instant feedback.


Our Rhino Slider system gives us up to 3ft of beautiful sliding distance and can hold a camera weighing up to 50lbs! It's a perfect setup if you are filming car commercials, interviews or property.

We can also create stunning, moving time-lapse shots, day or night.  


Our WIral Cable Cam can film where our drones can't.  It can carry a range of cameras up to 5KG and has almost 400ft of cable to  play with.

Wether you're filming through dense forest or inside a building we cover all aspects of filming off the ground!


We have a range of cameras to suit your needs.  From high end DSLR to construction time-lapse cameras.  We have the ability to shoot ground footage in beautiful 4K as well as in the air.


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We pride ourselves on the long-term relationships we build and maintain with our clients, working together to produce videos and films that not only meet the brief but tell the story in a compelling way.


Here are just a few of the clients we work with on a regular basis:


"Gareth and Adam provide a unique and professional service. Dream Team TV have used OffTheGround on a number of occasions to cover aerial video of sports events for broadcast on C4, Sky and Eurosport. They always take particular care to adhere to all the safety and CAA regulations and then deliver to the brief and beyond. I look forward to working with the team again."

Chris Fenton, Production Director - Dream Team Television


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