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  • Is Off The Ground licensed to operate drones / UAV commercially?
    Yes. We have been granted 'Permission for Commercial Operation' by the CAA. Our pilot has attained the BNUC-S qualification for flying unmanned aerial vehicles. We are also licensed to opreate 'heavy lift' UAV in the UK and many other countries.
  • Is Off The Ground fully insured?
    Yes. We have £5Million public liability insurance and all our UAV are covered to fly in almost any location.
  • Can you fly in any weather conditions?
    No. We can't operate our UAV in the rain or in heavy winds (above 25mph). All our UAV are battery operated and therefor cannot be used in the rain.
  • How much does it cost?
    We prefer to quote on an individual basis, having discussed and been fully by you on the details of the project.
  • Do i need to pay a deposit?
    Yes. We require a 35% deposit to be paid within 14 days of acceptance of a quote, or on the date specified on the quote if filming is to be carried out within 14 days of booking, unless otherwise agreed betwen both parties.
  • What happens if filming is cancelled?
    In the event that filming is cancelled due to bad weather we will look to re-schedule to the soonest possible date. The deposit will simply be transferred to a date when filming is possible. If, for whatever reason filming cannot be re-scheduled (it's a one off event for example) then only costs incurred by OffTheGround, if any, at the point will be charged. For our full terms and conditions please see our 'Rates & Terms' page.
  • Can you fly indoors?
    Yes. Provided we are able survey the space beforehand and it is deemed large enough to fly safely, we can fly indoors. We have UAV equipped with sonar which helps them maintain altitude when flying indoors without GPS coverage.
  • How far can you fly?
    There are strict rules set out by the CAA governing commercial and recreational use of UAV that we must follow. Our UAV must remain within 500m (1640ft) of the pilot horizontally and below 120m (400ft) vertically at all times. The pilot must also maintain line of sight with the UAV and keep at least 50m away from roads, railways and other infrastructure.
  • Can you fly anywhere?
    Almost. Some areas are strict no fly zones or have restrictions placed on them from surrounding commercial air traffic, so we must first make sure it is safe and legal to carry out filming with our UAV. In some instances special permission may need to granted by the CAA which can take up to 28 days. We require at least 24 hours notice before any proposed flight to carry out the relevant checks.
  • How long can you fly for?
    We can usually fly for aournd 10-12 minutes depending on the UAV. The management of batteries is a big part of operating UAV safely so we keep to strict limits of flight time. Flight time can be affected by wind speed and outside temperature.
  • How many people does it take to operate?
    Our UAV require 2 people to operate them. One qualified pilot to fly the UAV and one payload operator to control the camera. This allows for much safer flight operations as the pilot can concentrate on flying, and a much bigger range of camera movements compared to single operated UAV.
  • Does Off The Ground hire equipment to third parties?
    No. Pilots must be licensed by the CAA to operate our UAV. We only allow our equipment to be flown by OffTheGround's pilot.
  • What are Off The Ground's Terms & Conditions?
    For our full Terms and Conditions please click the .PDF icon.

Some frequently asked questions...

Below are some questions which we are commonly asked. If you have any questions or would like more detail on anything from what our UAV can be used for to how to book, feel free to contact us now.

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