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Whatever your aerial filming needs, OffTheGround offers a new and innovative way of achieving them.  Adding value to your production and many industries, whilst helping to save costs over expensive and alternative methods.  


If you're searching for a creative, experienced and reliable team with an eye for detail then look no further!



From the visualisation of your project to the final cut, we provide professional post-production editing services. Our team has over 40 years combined experience in the TV & Film industry.

Utilising both aerial and traditional ground filming we are able to get all the shots you need for your film.

We have delivered a number of full productions for local business' and tourist attractions, for more details on some of our past projects check out our Showcases page.

In our studio we have top of the range Intel Core i7 iMac machines running Final Cut X, the latest editing software from Apple allowing us to edit 4k/UHD footage with ease.

Need music? Not a problem! We can either provide licensed music to fit your purpose or we can record live audio on site, voiceovers and more.

Rise above the rest, showcase your business with bespoke films to engage with your customers. 


Using the latest dual-operated UAV/Drone technology we capture ultra smooth aerial film & unique photography that will elevate your project to another level.

Our drones are perfect for sports events, festivals, weddings, or to showcase your property for sale or rent


 Our Pilots have permission for commercial operation (PfCO) of 'heavy lift' UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) from the Civil Aviation Authority and we have full commercial insurance.

Before any flight our team will conduct an in depth risk assessment of the location to ascertain any potential hazards or limitations.


OffTheGround Pilots are highly trained and would never put life or property in danger.  Weather assessments, airspace checks, terrain, public access routes and flight plans are all considered before takeoff.


Whatever your aerial filming needs, OffTheGround offers a new and innovative way of achieving them, adding value to many industries and helping to save costs over expensive alternative methods such as helicopter hire, crane use or the erection of scaffolding.


We offer a range of aerial land mapping and surveying services and can also provide high resolution photography for safe inspection of hazardous buildings and infrastructure.

We process aerial images into higly accurate, georeferenced 2D maps and 3D models.


They can be produced quickly and efficiently, allowing for client customisations and are compatible with a wide range of applications and sofware.


The images can be processed to produce true Orthomosaics, point clouds, DTMs and much more.

Using UAV/drones saves time and money over conventional methods.


  • 3D Point cloud

  • Digital surface and terrain models

  • Contour lines

  • Volume calculation

  • Orthomosaic maps

  • 3D textured models

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