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New joint Home Office, Police and CAA campaign on enforcement

New long-term campaign launched to coordinate awareness of enforcement

New coordination via Operation Foreverwing The Home Office, Police and CAA today announce a new campaign aimed at clamping down on drone-related crimes, after 336 drone-related incidents were recorded during the last five months in the UK. The new campaign, Operation Foreverwing, will see the three organisations work together to highlight the work the Police is undertaking around tackling drone crime, in a bid to deter drone owners from breaking the rules.

First phases The three bodies will coordinate their work and campaigns around enforcement. There will be a significant social media push to reach users. Police forces around the country will be supplied with materials and information to allow a joined up response to incidents. There will be an ongoing campaign to raise awareness of enforcement cases and Police powers. It will also be a key vehicle for educating users around the rules and their responsibilities. Any support you can give to the work, for example promoting on social media or engaging with other users, would be gratefully received and will help the wider industry. The launch press release is available on the CAA's website.

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