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  • By Tim Levin

Dronelapse: The next step in Time-lapse Production

With time lapse and drone photography all the rage on the internet, it is time to get serious and do something challenging and creative. The concept is called Dronelapse and is the marriage of time lapse and the use of drone videos.

So how does one get the dronelapse process started? Well, consider your landscape. Any location you think is compelling as well as the right conditions and you have the makings of some special photography. Clouds and fog are always the mystery element in the video as well as time of day.

One such artist that is creating waves with his Aerial Photography Droneslapse is Artem Pryadko. Pryadko is from the country of Belarus in Eastern Europe who incorporated both of his DJI Phantom 4 and Phantom 4 Pro. One example of his footage he captures involves the city of Minsk as well as the seasons used effectively as the color on his canvass.

Artem Praydko also shoots nightscapes with cloud sequences typically found with regular time lapse. While his work can seem magical, many of the tips are just basic process and common sense which fortunately, can be incorporated by anyone wanting to learn. In fact, many tips for this style of photography can be found through Youtube.

Both the Phantom 4 Pro and the Inspire 2 now make timelapse with a minimum interval of photos of 2 seconds and have the Tripod mode . Add a dose of intelligent flight points and viola you got something special and easy to do on the fly.

Mostly, any of these processes takes an educated eye and patience as nothing that is great is easy to come by. It takes practice, perseverance and education and a good editing eye. In the case of the Phantom 4 Pro and Inspire 2, know your product. The Intelligent flight modes combined with your imagination can get help with some amazing dronelapses.

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