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The use of aerial imagery is an effective tool for tracking project milestones, assessing contractor progress, accessing hard to reach places, managing your project and communicating with your team.

Off The Ground's aerial mapping solutions allows clients to receive high-resolution topographic and orthomosaic maps, as well as 3D models.  Through the use of RTK GPS and GCP's (Ground Control Points) we are able to deliver highly accurate maps that can be integrated in to your software (CAD, BIMS, etc).  Our services eliminate the need to wait for weeks to get traditional ground survey results or rely on outdated public maps.

 Using georeferenced orthomosaics and elevation data from our software, you can view the as-built situation of your site for up-to-date measurements and continued analysis, as well as volumetric measurements for more efficient earthwork management.

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Orthomosaic and the corresponding space Digital Surface Model (DSM) before densification


In hard to reach places where access is difficult or impossible – eliminates the use of human risk and more eco friendly and economical than hiring out scaffolding, crane or helicopter. We can take high resolution pictures or video and relay the images back to our ground station for you to see.

At Off The Ground we also offer professional video production for use on your website / blog / social media, that provides welcome exposure and showcases your projects to potential clients or for community consultation.

Our time-lapse cameras can be installed on site and left for a duration of months, capturing the project 24/7 and edited down into a short video.

What sets Off The Ground apart, is that we have the right people, equipment and skills to produce high quality and detailed imagery on and off the ground.

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ESE - Ffestiniog Power Station Cable Project.
Alun Griffiths Contractor - Conwy Valley Emergency Works
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